Dancing Bear Sculpture


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A charming alabaster sculpture by this multi-talented artist, and the right size for table-top, shelf, desk, or wherever you choose to place it.

The artist’s love of animals is apparent in the furry form of this gleeful bear, rendered with all the realistic attitude and movement characteristic of this versatile, prize-winning sculptor/jeweler/painter/clothing designer (yes, first- prizes in all those categories!).  

Bears are revered in all Indian tribes for their powerful strength, wily intelligence, and hunting/survival skills.

They are a universal Native American symbol of protection and power.

This lively bear is performing a happy dance, waving his paws gleefully.

The heavily textured body emulates the shaggy coat of the animal; this, and the peach-hued stone contrast and coordinate with the warm tones of the smoothly finished, wooden base.

Every bit hand carved and hand made, this sculpture is full of cheerful action and good feeling.

Protected by the power of the bear, you will also be blessed with continual smiles, when you look at this merry sculpture.

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