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Damale Turquoise Ring


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This unassuming, marvelously creative and expert jeweler prefers to keep a low profile, but his work speaks loudly of his abilities.

Natural Damale turquoise is the star of this simple, but striking ring.

Located in eastern Nevada, the mine produces greenish stones, that are quite hard, thanks to a high zinc content.

This particular stone is a beautiful greyish-green, with milky depths and neutral-hued matrix.

It has a mysterious aspect, like a forest at twilight, with the moon shining through the trees.

Aside from a textured bezel, the silver work is kept absolutely minimal, to focus attention on the fascinating stone.

The narrow, rounded shank is adjustable, so you can switch fingers once in a while, or adjust to summer heat and winter cold, which affect the size of your fingers.

An alluring stone, set off to perfection by a wonderful artist – and it won’t break the bank.

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Natural Damale Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

Adjustable: 10 1/2 –


Shank is 1/8" W, Stone is 1" L X 3/4"W