Dainty Silver Butterfly with Stones


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Gene Billie tries to blend “classical art and beauty” with a modern and creative sensibility, and he succeeded splendidly in this gorgeous pendant.

He is one of a number of self-taught, remarkable jewelers, and exhibits at prestigious juried shows, like Santa Fe Indian Market, the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian, etc.

His work is excellent in all regards, as you can see in this splendid butterfly.

The beautifully shaped piece is a symphony of curves and artfully varied textures.

Dainty silver wire “ropes” outline the tops of the large and small wings; the base of both wings is delicately textured, and slightly darkened.

At the tops of the wings, he applied a gracefully curved and tapered form in highly polished silver, that is raised above the flat base.

On the sugary texture of the base, Gene applied ethereally delicate spirals and tiny, raised circles.

These flowing lines not only emphasize the grace of the butterfly’s shape, but the spirals and dots also represent water, so precious in the high desert.

A glowing red, natural coral is cut into a square, and set above a circular shape, for the head.

Similarly, a natural, darkly rich, royal purple sugilite is formed into a narrow, pointed oval and set above a conforming, silver oval, for the body.

Each stone is framed by a delicate, raised silver wire that glistens. The butterfly’s antennae are also silver wire, forming a circle above its head that attaches to two polished silver, flat arabesque curves.

Even the bail, which is  1/4″ wide, is fashioned from two bands of flattened silver wire, that is compatible with the rest of the piece.

Butterflies are a traditional symbol of happiness, good luck, and abundance since they help to pollinate plants and crops.

And, they are popular because of their lovely grace.

This butterfly pendant is exceptionally entrancing. perfectly capturing the delicate beauty of the real creature.

Moreover, it has been flawlessly fabricated, with first-quality, natural stones, and a dainty design and embellishments.

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Natural Red Coral, Natural Sugilite, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L including Bail x 2 1/2" W