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Dainty Dragon Scale Dangles


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Ancient Picuris Pueblo is not noted for its artistic output, in modern times, but this young jeweler is proving that wrong.

He calls his silver series “dragon scales” because the repousse technique reminds him of the scales of this legendary reptile

These earrings cascade down in a series of three individual diamond shapes, linked by little silver rings.

The interior of each diamond shape is pushed out from behind, (“repousse”)in a tiny, four-sided diamond shape.

This larger dangle has a raised border that emphasizes its shape; the design is a play of diamond forms within other diamond forms

The four sides of the repousse diamonds form facets that glisten and gleam as the light hits.

Delicate in size and scale, these alluring earrings are easy on the ear.

Catch this “new” star on the way up, and enjoy his flair and skill from the start.

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Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L | each dangle is 1/2" L x 3/8" W