Dachshund with Pueblo Blanket



“Dolls” that reflect current events are a three-centuries-old tradition at Cochiti.

This adorable “dachsie” is realistic in proportion and coloration, and looks very pleased with his fine Pueblo blanket. (Notice the zipper on the underside!)

His attitude is alert and friendly, and looks like he is anticipating a walk.

He was fashioned of hand-gathered and mixed clay, hand smoothed, and painted with natural clay slips, and wild spinach “paint” for the black.

His sweater, or blanket is stone burnished, as well.

The Ortiz family is internationally known for their prize-winning clay figures.

Mary Janice sometimes strays from the traditional subjects like turtles, to create wonderful expressions of current life.

She made a Statue of Liberty, after 9/11, opera singers, and now this uber-appealing doggie.

Why resist this epitome of canine cuteness?

You get a major piece by a renowned potter, a no-maintenance pet, and an ever-smiling friend – all in one.


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Vegetal Paint, Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


12" L x 7 1/2" H x 4" W