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Cuttlebone Silver Cufflinks


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Rapidly making a major splash in the Indian art market, her pieces are always particularly graceful and understated; elegant, without being ostentatious and extremely wearable.

Her “signature” technique is to cast silver in cuttlefish bone, for the intriguing texture that results., as seen here. Organic, but abstract, it adds a flowing movement to the silver work, and hints at ripples in a stream. Water is a precious commodity in the high desert, and symbolizes very good luck, good health and happiness.

These cuff-links are a perfect example of design and execution, both on the highest level. The wavy band of polished silver glistens and gleams like water in sunlight, adding to the theme that is hinted at. Texture, contrasting polish, sinuous lines, and impeccably technique: perfect for man and/or woman, anywhere in the world.




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Sterling Silver


1" long x 3/4" wide