Cast Cuttlebone Turquoise Ring



Wife of super-sculptor Joe Cajero, Jr., this young jewelry artist is making an award-winning name for herself.

Her pieces are always particularly graceful and understated.

She uses the finest quality stones – just look at this brilliant natural turquoise – and pays attention to detail, so that all the parts create a beautiful whole.

Notice the assertive, hand cut silver bezel around the stone; in perfect proportion to the broad width of the shank.

Althea’s pieces are  known to be elegant, without being ostentatious and extremely wearable.

Her “signature” technique is to cast silver in cuttlefish bone, for the intriguing texture that results.

Organic, but abstract, it adds a flowing movement to the silver work, and hints at the wavelets at the bottom of the sea- a fitting accompaniment to ocean-blue turquoise.

This ring is timelessly chic; simple yet serenely noticeable, for now and generations to come.



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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

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