Cuttlebone Cast Dangles with Turquoise


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Growing up on the Navajo reservation near Totah (Three Rivers), the artist has always lived around water (which is scarce and precious on the high desert) and incorporates some reference to it in almost every piece.

Here, the regular, curved lines of the cuttlebone remind us of the ridges water makes in the sand, as the waves go back and forth.

Delicate, despite their length, these earrings are graceful with a lovely play of triangular forms.

Crowned by three tiny domes, the tops are diamond-shaped, bright teal Candelaria turquoise, smoothly polished.

The vivid tops contrast with the long, tapered dangles, and their pretty, striped texture. There is another tiny dome at the bottom of each earring.

There is a very unusual finish to the silver dangles: a subtle wash of 24-karat gold leaf, seen when the light hits them just right, adds a bit of warmth to the silver and mellows the usual icy finish.

Dainty, but definitely impressive, these lovely earrings combine brilliant color, intriguing texture. lovely design, and excellent workmanship.

Oh, and beautiful materials.

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