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Cut-Out Butterfly Pendant


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Her father, renowned jeweler Norbert Peshlakai, was her teacher, and she learned the techniques really well.

However, her designs are her own, and blend tradition with modernity in a very personal and interesting fashion.

This pendant grabbed the attention of the staff here at Wright’s because of the dramatic use of negative space.

The darkened background against smooth and polished surface, and the abstracted butterfly design, are really striking.

The circular head and gracefully curled, incised, antennae above it continue the softly rounded shape of the pendant, contrasting with the straight lines of the body and divisions between wings.

The look is contemporary, but the symbols are age-old.

Butterflies help to propagate plants, including crops; the tiny circles that are stamped around the edges represent raindrops, and the miniature cross symbols mean that the blessings of water and edible plants should spread to the four corners of the earth.

Happiness, good health and abundance result.

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