Curvy Micro-Mosaic Earrings

Carl and Irene Clark


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This celebrated couple are anointed by just about every major reference work on Native jewelry and art as “among the greatest Indian jewelers in history.”

Their incredibly tiny, mosaic inlay work is famous, world-wide.

When you wear a piece of the Clark’s micro-mosaic jewelry, you wear a piece of jewelry history.

Plus, like this gorgeous pair of earrings, their work is beautiful, and wearable.

Unlike much of their work, these earrings are abstract and contemporary

Radiant with the traditional colors of sky, water, and earth, the rich hues blend red into blue into purple, almost like wearing a rainbow on your ear.

Lovely, clear turquoise, lights up the palette, with accents of creamy white shells.

Fluid in form, the graceful shape resembles a quail, or even a falling drop of water; a subtle nod to tradition.

Or, it is simply a flowing, abstract shape that suggests the form of the human ear

Fine, natural stones and shell are arranged in a striking pattern of unbelievably minuscule squares and diamond shapes that form a beautiful tension with the curvaceous shape.

Use a magnifying glass to fully appreciate the workmanship.

Delicately bold, flattering, and easy to wear, these earrings will go with almost everything.

They are so wearable, they will amortize very quickly: work, play, out to dinner, a party, the theater; at committee meetings, a presentation – these remarkable earrings will shine with exceptional beauty, everywhere you go.

Glorious museum pieces you can wear with delight, by already legendary jewelers, these earrings will be cherished for many generations -starting with yours.


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