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Curvy Coral Ring


Elegant long ring with double border of silver “parentheses” and long, slender red coral in shadowbox. Hefty, elaborate shank echoes the wavy lines with a solid back.

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Byron came to jewelry by way of photography, the subject of his degree. Thanks to mentoring by established jewelers, notably the late, great Gibson Nez, his visual gifts have transferred brilliantly to the three-dimensional.

His style of stop-in-your-tracks beauty and elegance are personified in this gorgeous ring. It stars a magnificent, natural red coral, shaped and polished into a slender teardrop.

The silver work is equally splendid in design and execution. The ravishing coral is held by a polished silver dentil bezel.

Set into a matte, darkened silver shadowbox, it literally stands out.

A triple layer of curvy silver forms the frame of the ring, in an unusual, creative design. Graceful and gleaming, it dramatically contrasts with the dark background.

This frame embraces the coral with flowing lines. Gently curving lines continue around the silver shank.

This is also overlaid, and of a sturdy gauge. The proportions of this ring are perfect; every part is attuned with every other one.

Visual contrast, vivid color, grace and creativity mark this stunning ring, along with heavy gauge silver that is flawlessly fabricated.

Gibson Nez would be proud of his protege, who is carrying on his legacy in his own, beautiful way.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

9 1/4


1 1/2"long x 3/4" wide, shank is 1/2" wide to 3/8" at back