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Curved Sun and Water Bracelet


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Myron Panteah, the award-winning Zuni/Navajo jeweler, studied engineering; that interest in exacting detail is reflected in his intricately worked pieces. Here is an example of his careful workmanship and finely honed sense of design.

The 14-karat gold water symbols float across the darkened and textured silver surface, glinting in the light like sunstruck ripples. These serpentine forms are beautifully echoed in the curvy lines of the silver bracelet itself, and the rising (or setting) gold sun that peeks above the center plaque.The squared “rays” around the sun, which continue all around the curved center square, are finely chiseled to create a texture.

One side of the bracelet is likewise chiseled. The other side is smooth and matte, punctuated with circles and vertical lines that repeat the theme seen in the center. The theme of sun and water affirms the balance and harmony of Nature, and stands for very good luck.

Prettily delicate to look at, this lovely bracelet is strongly constructed, just like a woman: beautifully shaped and decorated, yet strong and unyielding to pressure!


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Sterling Silver I 14k Gold

Cuff Size

4 1/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

5 3/8"


1/8" I Center is 5/8" long x 1/2" wide