Crow Mother Kachina Carving

Wilmer Kaye


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A nephew of the late, celebrated innovator of jewelry and other media, Charles Loloma, Wilmer is one of the premier carvers of Hopi. He is noted for his meticulously carving, fine painting, and cultural accuracy. All these award-winning attributes are evident in this beautiful Crow Mother.

One of the main kachinas, in importance, Crow Mother represents the nurturer who offers the abundance of flourishing crops, which she has helped to encourage. When she appears in Springtime ceremonies, she is prayed to create a good harvest and planting season; in the Autumn/Winter dances, she is thanked for that result, or invoked to create a good year in the next Spring. Every human group has an iconic Mother image, and Crow Mother serves the Hopi and Zuni kachina culture. The grace and simplicity of this lovely carving is a fitting tribute to this important kachina.

Feminine refinement is seen in all aspects of this carving: the flowing folds of her white sash, the uneven hemline of her manta, that allows one white-shod moccasin to show; the drape of her enfolding blanket. The hands are finely carved and wonderfully detailed, as is her necklace of turquoise heishi, the ruff around her neck, the feathers on her head and headdress, and the fringe of her dress.

The painted details are equally polished; every element is precise and graphic. Flowers, arrows, stepped rain signs, all show up with vibrant clarity against the smoothly finished natural wood. Here, the kachina holds a bowl of green sprouts, symbol of an abundant harvest. Everything about this figure is elegant, retrained and imposing. A marvelously graceful, almost zen, rendition of this culture’s version of Mother Earth, by a recognized master carver.


Dead Cottonwood Root, Paints


Width: 2 1/2″ Height: 9″ Depth: 2 3/4″