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Crocheted Silver Necklace with #8 Turquoise


Reversible boxed silver pendant: raised Number 8 turquoise on one side,; overlay rain and cloud designs on the other. On hand crocheted silver chain. Pendant comes off, so chain and pendant may be worn separately, too.

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Love Native artistry, but you’re a contemporary girl (or know someone who is)? This necklace is for you! These Navajo jewelers have interwoven – literally – traditional materials with a sleek, modern design and surprising technique. The result is simply elegant, but informal enough to wear every day, as well as in the evening.

A raised, Number 8 turquoise – among the top, most coveted of all turquoise stones – is placed serenely on a boxed, pointed teardrop of sterling silver. The prized spiderweb pattern of the stone’s matrix contrasts beautifully with the unadorned, gleaming silver. More contrast comes from the unexpected and amazing crocheted silver, chain? collar? that supports the pendant. With its intricate weave of polished silver wires, it provides a shimmering texture in counterpoint to the plain surface of the pendant. And, there is more to that pendant than mere zen-like beauty.

Two-sided, it exhibits its Native roots on the reverse.  A striking, overlaid pattern of stepped rain and angular cloud symbols covers this side, with the darkened background highlighting the polished surface with graphic drama. The symbols refer to good luck, since water is a blessing in the high desert.

This is a multipurpose piece: the pendant can be worn on either side, it can also be removed and worn with a different chain, collar or cord. The glittering silver “lanyard” is also an eye-catching choker on its own, with a tailored, intriguingly different look. With clean, precise and innovative silver work, and a fabled turquoise stone, this handmade choker is  both understated and spectacular.

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Number 8 Turquoise, Sterling Silver


17" long, Pendant is 1 3/8" long x 1 1/4" wide x 1/2" thick