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Criss-Crossed Black Jade Pendant


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Naveek combined his mother’s Navajo heritage and his father’s Greek background to form his professional name. He has been named Artist of the Year, and is a perennial award-winner for his sophisticated jewelry. The artist has perfected a unique method for his stunningly beautiful, inlaid pieces. He sets the silver channels first, then laser cuts the stones to fit precisely. That’s as far as he admits; the rest is his secret, which other jewelers have tried in vain to copy.

Elegance is a hallmark of his jewelry, as is luxury, and this alluring pendant is all that. Seductive black jade and glittering sterling silver form a classic combination that conjures up images of urban nights, white fur rugs, slinky blondes, and other icons of 1930’s movies. Yet, this pendant can be worn with ordinary blouses, sweaters, and every-day clothes just as well as with silk and velvet.

Pillowed and rounded, the black jade is criss-crossed in a mesh of gleaming silver filaments. The silver setting is simple, but precise; the hand cut chiseled bezel repeats the straight lines of the channels, while the plain frame surrounds the piece without distraction. The asymmetrical shape is subtle, but adds a piquant tension with the strict lines, while echoing the roundness of the jade.

Gorgeous, glamorous, and sumptuously simple, this pendant is another of this famed artist’s simply fabulous pieces. Timeless, understated luxury and impeccable in every way.

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1 3/4"


Black Jade, Sterling Silver