Creamy Colored Melon Pot


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Alvina Yepa’s entrance into the art world came when she was 8 years old and would assist her mother, Felipita Nonche Yepa, with painting and polishing her pottery.

Since the ’80s, Alvina has been creating her own pottery and has won many awards for her detailed and beautiful work.

Here, she has made a melon pot, a traditional style in Jemez pottery.

Using clay from the Jemez reservation that was hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, -formed, and -polished, and fired in an outdoor kiln, this stunning pot is completely original.

While the design is one Alvina has done before, each pot is unique.  This one has been left the color of the clay, and the polish makes it shine and glisten in the light.

This is a stunning pot with a lot of history done by a master of the craft!

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7 1/4"


5 3/4"


Natural Clay