Cream Rug Pattern Barrette



A striking way to keep your hair tamed, with traditional Navajo beadwork.

Navajo beadwork?? Yes, that has a long tradition, probably stemming from the old trade fairs with Plains tribes.

Here, the background of creamy white beads is dramatically animated by a central escutcheon of navy blue, red, orange and yellow beads, outlined with tiny, sparkling,  gold-tone beads.

The design is similar to a Navajo rug pattern; the corners are cut off with a line-up of the same color beads as in the center.

The beads are hand sewn onto white deerskin, which is sewn, in turn, onto a commercial barrette base.

A colorful, handsome way to keep hair out of your face, this barrette will beautify every day.

Additional information


Beads, Bleached Deerskin, Commercial Clips


3 1/2" L x 1 1/4" W