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Cosmic Dance


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A brilliant departure for this highly reputed painter. He is widely known, and awarded many prizes, for his mesmerizing portraits of Kiowa warriors (his wife is Kiowa). So, this ethereal, dream-like fantasy, swirly with lush, free-flowing color, is quite different, but equally powerful.Against a background of celestial blue, an array of protective and game animals cavort. They seem to be silhouetted by a heavenly light in the center. A galaxy of lovely colors floats above.There are eagles and hawks flying high at the top, an owl toward the bottom right, and other, small birds suggested in between. The birds, especially the night-hunting owl, all seem to be running away from the light. Center bottom, a fox on his hind legs waves a blanket at the dazzling light of the cosmic cloud. To his left, a herd of deer, a horse(?) and two raccoons are fleeing the heavenly light show, while on the bottom right, bears show defiance; a wolf or lynx, a mountain lion, and two mice look on. These sharply defined, animated animals are a lively contrast to the misty, formless background. Beautifully painted nuances of color, everywhere, and bright pinpoints of stars that seem to sparkle create a wonderful feeling of infinite space and limitless depth. Throughout the painting, there is marvelous movement, both of paint and color, and realistically rendered animals. The mood is both frolicsome and awesome – thanks to the amusing attitude of the blanket-waving fox and growling bears, and the beautiful arrangement of subtle hues.With its dance of the spirits theme, artfully manipulated paint and jewel-toned color, this painting is as decorative as it is mysterious and compelling.Ready to hang as it is, the edges are painted in extension of the painting itself – or to be framed.

Acrylic on Canvas

Width: 20″ Height: 24″