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Corrugated Silver Dangles


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More refined and polished (in every sense!) than some of his work, these earrings nevertheless have lots of look-at-me energy.

His very personal, abstract, often rough-hewn, style has been praised by the media, show judges and collectors everywhere.

Here, he shows he can also create a simpler style, with equal impact.

A sheet of silver is chiseled and corrugated on both sides, and shaped into an elongated version of an escutcheon, reminiscent of a Navajo rug element.

The raised lines add handsome texture to the highly polished silver.

Twisted silver forms the ring attaching the dangles to the handmade wires; an unusual touch of additional texture.

Flirtatious, flattering, and easy on the ear, these are delightful earrings for day or night.

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Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 3/4" W