Corrugated Silver and Turquoise RIng


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Already an award-winner, this gifted jeweler apprenticed with his father, the multi-award-winning, Al Joe.

The artistic genes, shared by father and son, include a flair for simplicity, gorgeous stones, and superb workmanship.

This impressive ring demonstrates all that: The silver work is clean, robust, yet simple; the stone is a magnificent, natural Royston turquoise, cut into a graceful, tapered oval.

The substantial bezel that embraces the turquoise is chiseled into a palisade of vertical lines that adds a bit of texture, without distracting from the splendid stone.

The shank is equally substantial, with a similar row of vertical elements.

On the shank, however, the row of vertical forms are pushed out from inside and textured, while the spaces between them are darkened, for dramatic contrast.

Tiny sawtooth chiseling decorates both edges of the shank, almost unnoticed, but adding another bit of texture while relating to the chiseled bezel in a subtle way.

The strong, rich dark green of the stone is matched by the sturdy brawn of the shank, and the scale of the chiseled bezel.

Every element carefully relates to every other, in a beautiful and harmonious way, and the execution of the design is impeccable.

All you see is a fabulous stone in a flattering shape, and a really different design to the shank, forming a spectacular ring.

And what else do you need?

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