Corrugated Cuff with Natural Kingman Turquoise

Bryan Joe


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Bryan is the son of Master jeweler Al Joe and has been around exemplary silversmithing since childhood.

He has silversmithing talent ingrained in his DNA, and he’s already built his own excellent reputation.

Bryan is a master of casting and delicate texturing in his silverwork, and like his father, he always uses natural turquoise stones of very high quality.

However, he brings his own vision to the legacy of award-winning jewelry.

His work is clean and creative, like his dad’s, but is in his own style, and Bryan has already won awards for his fine work.

This great-looking cuff features one of his signature motifs: that palisade of textured bars, forming a simple and striking pattern.

Look at the inside of this quietly dramatic bracelet, and the structure is apparent; those bars were pushed out of a substantial, flat sheet of silver.

The bars inside are polished, while each one on the exterior has been individually textured.

Darkened silver, in between the stippled ribs, accentuates the three-dimensionality.

The webbed Natural Kingman Turquoise stone is spectacular, the silverwork, including the brilliant castellated bezel, is deferential to the turquoise but just as robust and uncommon.

Note that the brilliantly polished borders, with the chiseled “teeth” on either side of the cuff, form a glistening contrast to the center pattern.

Following the Navajo precept of “beauty on the inside; beauty on the outside”, this stunning cuff looks just as handsome inside, as on the surface.

Creative design and impeccable workmanship have wrought a modern classic, a bracelet you can wear every single day, with pride and delight!


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