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Cornstalk Vase


Stone-polished, red clay, triangular vase with stepped top. Painted with graceful cornstalk on front, with seed arcing from it. Signed Damian Toya; an early work of Dominique Toya

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Signed Damian Toya, this is an early, lovely work by the artist who now uses the name Dominique Toya, and who has won many, many, accolades and awards, including Best of ( all the pottery) Division at Santa Fe Indian Market! Lately, the celebrated potter Nancy Youngblood has formed an award-winning, collaborative relationship with this gifted artist resulting in more awards for each of them. Already an exceptional piece, made by an exceptional artist, the collaboration with her talented mother, Maxine Toya, who was responsible for the charming paint job, makes this a true gem.

The natural clay, which was hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, -coated with a red clay slip and stone polished, is a mellow beige. It was also pit-fired. The beautiful cornstalk waving so gracefully across the front was painted with the same red clay slip, left matte, and a dark paint derived from wild spinach.  Shaped into an unusual triangular form, the piece has a stepped top, symbolizing rainfall. Rain is needed for cornstalks to thrive, therefore the symbols refer to the eventual happiness and good health that come with a good harvest.

Although called a vase, this lovely piece should NEVER hold water!  It would, however take prettily to dried or artificial branches, flowers, or foliage. This is a real collector’s item, comprising a lovely, early work by an artist who has now reached the highest ranks of potters.


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip