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Cornstalk Seedpot


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Don’s name defines him: “platero” means “silversmith” in Spanish, which suggests a longer time-frame than the three generations of jewelers in his family.

He won his first first-place award while still in high school, and has continued on that path ever since.

His preference is for hollowware, as this elegant seed pot indicates.

The splendid decoration is a masterful arrangement of hand stamping.

The result is a delicate, yet opulent design of fanciful cornstalks, separated by abstract Yei, figures

Tiny dots beneath each figure denotes the power of the Yei (Navajo spirit). stamped scallops and a small oval, beneath the cornstalks, add to the design.

Dots also flank the cornstalks,  also suggesting the great good fortune and importance of the crop, which is the staff of life for the Navajo, and other southwestern tribes.

Aside from the spiritual significance of the design – corn is very good luck for healthy and happy people – the esthetic values are just as imposing.

The stamping is precise, dainty, yet visible, forming a  look of delicate embroidery over the shining surface of the silver.

Should you want to rest your eyes, turn over the piece and enjoy the different design stamped beautifully on the other side!

Seed pots of clay were traditionally used to store seeds over the winter. Small openings discouraged vermin from eating the seeds.

Contemporary seed pots, such as this gorgeous one, are fashioned to honor that tradition.

With impeccable technique and a lovely artistic vision, this well-named silversmith has created a superb seed pot, full of good luck, and beauty.


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Sterling Silver


3" Diameter | 2" H