Cornstalk and Feather Pendant


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Monty Claw is a Navajo artist, awarded many prizes for fine beadwork, painting and –  marvelous, tufa cast jewelry.

This lovely pendant shows the same skill and artistry as his famed, more complex, larger pieces.

The workmanship is outstanding: the design was carved from a crumbly slab of naturally compressed, sandy lava residue, so the precision and clarity of the details on the feather, is noteworthy.

In this one, graceful little pendant, the artist has expressed a basic spiritual message of the desert-dwelling Navajo and other tribes: Corn s the staff of life, but the arid lands of the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni are dependent on rainwater for the crop to flourish.

So, eagle feathers are sacred because the birds fly so high, they are considered messengers of prayers for rainfall, carrying them up to the heavenly spirits.

As a symbol of good luck, this pendant is more than just beautifully designed and fabricated. Wear it, and the good luck contained within the design will be yours: good health, happiness, and prosperity.

It is a charming pendant, demonstrating admirable creativity, and skill in execution, which is expected from this extraordinary artist.

The design is a definite conversation piece; a statement, but a delicate, understated one.

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Sterling Silver


2 3/4" L x 7/8" W