Corn Maiden Storyteller



The gifted hands of Maxine Toya continue the expertise of generations of notable potters, expressed in her recognizable, elegant, award-winning style.

She says she tries to blend the traditional with the contemporary, and she does so, with impressive grace and beauty.

Corn is the symbol of good health, happiness, prosperity, and good luck, for Natives in the southwest.

Corn Maiden figures represent prayers for an abundant crop, and by extension, for all those happy results.

This Corn Maiden emerges from a stylized cornstalk, whose elegantly curling husks enclose the varicolored kernels of Indian corn.

The figure is abstracted to essential forms and lines yet contains an emotional intensity that matches the grace of her forms.

The repetition of rounded lines and shapes reinforces the feeling of serenity. grace, and spirituality.

The gentle, earthy tones of the natural clays and pigments, combined with impeccable, stone-polished and matte clay finishes, create a balanced harmony of color, texture, and form.

Beautiful in meaning, execution, and creation, this figure is a special symbol for the potter; she belongs to the Corn clan, as shown in her signature.


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