Corn Maiden Shell Necklace


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Corn is the staff of life among southwestern Native tribes.

Corn Maidens are symbols of abundance, which broadens to imply good health, happiness and prosperity, especially for the Zuni and Hopi, who are dry farmers.

Daniel Chattin carved the shell pendant, and his former wife, Jovanna Poblano, supplied the turquoise nuggets and gorgeous dark red coral heishi.

Both are multiple award-winning artists, whose work, singly, and in collaboration, is in myriad collections, and museum collections, as well.

The beautifully cleaned and polished, natural, shell lends its rounded shape to emphasize the plump Corn Maiden figure.

She is embellished with a beautiful red coral , and two matching, bright blue turquoise dots, one on each side.

Her eyes and mouth are inlaid jet, while her face, hair and body shimmer with the shell’s hand-polished luster.

Each of the kernels in her body has been carefully incised by hand.

In vibrant contrast to her luminescent hues, the Corn Maiden pendant hangs on a strand of tiny, vivid blue turquoise nuggets, which have been polished to gleam.

Adroitly interspersed with these, just above the pendant, are six, natural, blood red coral beads – the very finest quality – cut from a larger branch, and polished, as well.

Red, blue and white, this charming necklace symbolizes all good things, in a very wearable and lovely way.

Well-suited to our casual way of life, this Corn Maiden necklace can be worn almost everywhere, and every day.

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Black Jet, Natural Red Branch Coral, Natural Shell, Turquoise


21" L | Pendant is 2 5/8" L x 2 7/8" W