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Corn Maiden Pendant


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Created with all the expertise, experience, and artistry of this master of antler carving, but happily affordable and wearable, this lovely Corn Maiden is a true jewel.

Natural antler has been meticulously carved and polished, a sleek background for the punctuation of vivid, multi-colored stones.

Corn Maidens represent happiness, good health, and prosperity, since they symbolize the hope for a bounteous harvest.

Therefore, this graceful pendant is a fetish, a sculpture, and a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Multiple awards attest to the skill and artistry of Troy Sice, who specializes in transforming naturally shed antlers into works of art for display, and, as here, to wear with pride and enjoyment.

Notice the meticulously carved, traditional hairdo, her softly rounded cheeks and appealing, although abstract, face.

Her tapered form is gracefully proportioned, and carved into precise “kernels” that are graduated from large to smallest, at the tip – like real corn.

Tiny inlaid stones of natural red coral, blue turquoise, black jet, and deep blue lapis, add points of vibrant color to the soft ivory of the antler, and define her features.

Elegant in form and proportions, this completely three-dimensional little sculpture will beautifully adorn your casual and business wardrobes, and bring hopes for good health, happiness and prosperity, too.

A masterful piece of carving that is accessible to all – a true gift!

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Natural antler, Natural Jet, Natural Lapis, Natural Red Coral, Turquoise


4" L x 1" W x 1/2" thick