Corn Maiden Painting


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This young Navajo artist, veteran, and family man started out as a street artist

With innate talent, but no knowledge of art or its history, he decided to attend the University of New Mexico.

There, he participated in a joint public/private mural project for Albuquerque’s Healthcare for the Homeless building.

This painting is vivid and warm, even though the tones are mostly cool.

With a jewel-toned blue background in various hues, the Corn Maiden sits in the center of the painting, seeming to hover above a traditional Navajo basket.  There are four birds in the painting, two hummingbirds, a cardinal, and what appears to be a yellow-breasted chat.  One of the hummingbirds is on the basket, the other is perfect on the Corn Maiden’s finger, and on the left side of the painting a cornstalk is growing up the border, ready to sprout new life.

The Corn Maiden is feeding the birds with the seeds from her cornstalk to her left, and in turn, the birds are blessing Mother Nature with the seeds she is giving them.

It is a beautiful painting, calming and serene, painted by an artist is who always fine-tuning his art, this is a piece that would be an excellent addition to, or the start of, a beautiful collection.

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1 1/2"


Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood