Corn Maiden Kachina Trio

Victor Triujillo


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This artist, known for the delicacy, grace and astonishing detail of his carvings, recently returned from a long sojourn in the oil and gas fields of southeastern New Mexico. We hope he stays, because his work is outstanding, recognizable for those special qualities.

This multiple-figured depiction of Corn Maidens demonstrates the artistry and elegance that is characteristic of VIctor’s carvings.

Using the natural shape of the dead cottonwood root as his starting point, the artist incorporates three different, individual Corn Maidens, each with exquisitely carved feathers, jewelry and hairstyles.The top two are shown in torso only, while the third, on the bottom, is in a simplified full-body pose, with embroidered skirt. Parrot feathers embellish the top two Maidens; eagle feathers, only, are seen on the third. Each figure has beautifully carved hair, each one individual. Even from the back, there is a view of gracefully swirled hair, colorful parrot feathers and eagle feathers, as well as partial views of the other Corn Maidens. Each one has a different color face paint: white, gold and turquoise. Whether turquoise “heishi” or white “clamshell heishi”, their necklaces are also meticulously carved in lifelike detail.

They are placed on a base carved to resemble a ruddy rock mesa, with four ears of vari-colored Indian corn fanning out from the bottom figure. But there is even more: Tucked beneath the mesa top, the artist has carved a minuscule Anasazi village, like those at Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon. The adobe and stone brickwork, cylindrical watchtower, and wooden ladders emerging from several underground kivas, are carved in exquisite detail, with remarkable precision.

From the graceful curves and smooth finish of the vertical shaft, to the rougher-seeming rocks and ledges of the base, this is a superb piece – like all of VIctor Trujillo’s carvings. You will marvel at the details, every time you look at it.


Cottonwood, Paint


Width: 4″ Height: 13 1/4″ Depth: 4 1/8″