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Corn Maiden Figure


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A prize-winning potter from a family of accomplished, famous potters, her storyteller figures are widely collected. Totally hand made and traditional, from clay to paint, her good-natured figures are charmingly detailed and animated, with amiable faces. Corn is the Native staff of life, so Corn Maiden is a very good luck figure., Here, she is a pretty girl with a cheery smile, all dressed up with a traditional inlaid squash blossom necklace. She is accompanied by some friendly symbols of crop pollination, a butterfly and two cute ladybugs. Her gracefully curled husks are decorated with rain and cloud designs, evoking a wish for a balance of sun and moisture, to ensure a fine harvest.She is hand formed of hand gathered and mixed clay; painted in natural clay slip and plant colors (even the green). Both the forms and the painting are precise and delicate. A charming, alluring figure by an acknowledged expert.

Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments

Width: 3 7/8″ Height: 6 1/8″ Depth: 2 1/4″