Corn Maiden Etched Shell

Daniel Chattin


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With a reputation distinguished enough for an old master, Dan is noted for his fetish sculptures. His work has been included in a national exhibit of contemporary Indian art, both on his own, and in collaboration with his former wife, Jovanna Poblano.

Corn Maidens symbolize prosperity, good health and happiness. This ethereal shell, which has been polished to a shimmering luster, is carved with three Corn Maidens.

They are each adorned with inlaid turquoise, sugilite, and red coral. Their features, and most of the incised stars (crosses) are inlaid with jet, as is the eagle’s eye.

Soaring across the wides part of the shell is an eagle, with a graceful wingspread. Eagles carry prayers up to the heavens, so the message is a prayer for abundance, and more.

The heart of the eagle is a sparkling triangle of pyrite, or fool’s gold., edged in turquoise . A dome of polished hematite is placed below the smallest Corn Maiden.

Earth, sky and ocean are linked by materials and symbolism in this luminous, delicately translucent marvel, carved by this masterful artist.


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