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Corn Maiden Carving


Tall, slender Corn Maiden carving. Blue painted pedestal on octagonal beveled base; blue face, blue corn “kernels” with white and red accents. Carved, long, slender feathers along unpainted “blanket’.

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Tall and slender, this modern Corn Maiden carving is richly colored and immensely dignified. She represents blue corn, which is sacred in Hopi ceremonies, and an iconic feature of  southwestern Native cuisine. Her typical young woman’s hairdo is finely carved and tinted, as are the border of her blanket and the four long, and slender feathers that decorate it. These feathers represent the prayer that the prosperity, good health and happiness, symbolized by corn, extend to all four corners of the world.

The corn kernels that make up her body are lightly scored, and painted in the same beautiful royal blue as her face, and the pedestal that supports her. Random accents of light blue, white and red kernels not only liven up the deep blue, but represent the varied hues of real Indian Corn.

Elegant proportions, jewel-tone colors, and wonderful attention to detail make this modern carving a striking figure. Artistry, skill, and tradition combine in a beautiful way.

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Dead Cottonwood Root, Paint


11 1/4" high x 1 1/2" wide, base is 4" diameter