Corn Dancer Carving


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Once more, this wonderful carver has created a collector’s “must-have”. It depicts a Corn Dancer.

Corn is the staff of life for southwestern Natives, symbol of good health, good luck, happiness and prosperity.

This figure is carved with the artist’s characteristic, meticulous care; fashioned with intricate, life-like detail.

Timothy paints his pieces with the same scrupulous attention, over a considerable period of time, using the best artists’ oil paints – a very unusual choice, but one that doesn’t dry out the wood.

He can also achieve endlessly modifiable and subtle effects with oils, as opposed to stains or poster paints (gouache). The blue corn is especially sacred to the Hopi, and used in ceremonies.

There are so many notable details to point out in this piece: look at the beautifully realized hands, braids and feather; the different layers of clothing and jewelry; the drape in the sleeves, skirt and blanket, as well as the moccasins, and the lively hues of the authentic decorations on blanket and skirt.

Then there are the unique colors. The naturalistic proportions and realistic stance portray this dancer intent on the drumbeats, and, knees slightly bent, poised to take that first step in the Corn Dance.

There really is no need to describe this piece – one look tells you what a superior work it is, from every angle.

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