Corn and Coral Necklace


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A masterwork, by the best jeweler you never heard of: a shy silversmith, who entered his first show – the prestigious Heard Museum Show in Phoenix – and won Best of Jewelry Division right off the bat!

Every time he dares to enter a major show, he wins a major award. Not surprising, when you see the incredible detail and skill in the pieces he makes. – like this regally spectacular necklace.

His passion is sculpting in precious metals, so his jewelry pieces are usually miniature sculptures.

Here, he has combined Navajo tradition and his own artistic gifts into one magnificent necklace.

Each element is crafted with a level of workmanship that is unparalleled.

Elegant ovals of the finest quality, deep red, natural Mediterranean coral alternate with miniature, silver ears of corn that are complete, three-dimensional sculptures.

Corn symbolizes happiness, good health, and prosperity; red coral refers to the earth from which the corn grows.

Every exquisite detail is hand-fabricated. Every kernel on each side of every corn, every graceful, curled leaf of a corn plant – every single element was created separately, by the non-too-slender fingers of the artist.

The delicacy and precision of his work are amazing and matched by few other jewelers.

The corn ears and gorgeous coral ovals hang from a splendid strand of “Navajo pearls”, silver beads that match the rest of the piece in quality. These were fabricated by another Navajo artist, for Alvin.

Like the fabled metal artists of the Renaissance, Alvin Vandever is inspired and skilled enough to create little masterpieces that will last for centuries.

Despite the opulence of the coral and the incredible silverwork, this necklace will readily go with knits, blouses, and daywear, as well as out at night.

Someone will enjoy this exceptional piece every day, for years- and generations – to come.

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