Coral Sunflower Bracelet

Eric Fender


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Yes, this is the same Eric Than Tsideh Fender, celebrated award-winning potter, son of famed Martha Appleleaf, and descendant of Maria Martinez! Also known as a painter, this artist’s gifts now extend to jewelry, as well. And that award-winning talent has created this outstandingly beautiful bracelet.


Gleaming rounded edges are a beautiful contrast to the textured, flat surface of the cuff. Four sunflower designs are pushed out from behind (a processed referred to as repousse) into equally rounded and polished teardrop petals. Each flower is centered with a gorgeous, natural red coral cabochon. These add blazing points of color to the grey and silver palette.


Between each flower, a pair of tiny fluted half-beads have been applied, individually, echoing the pattern of the petals. They also add a bit of additional shine, in between the glossy rims and petals, and the subdued, textured surface.


Our first impression was of sunflowers, but these motifs may also represent the sun, and the “petals”, the sun rays. Whether you prefer the floral, or the more traditional interpretation, the bracelet remains a flawless piece. exquisitely designed and hand fabricated by this noted artist. His talent seems to have no boundary, and is magnificently expressed in every medium: pottery, painting, and now, beautiful jewelry.

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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

5 1/8" + 1 1/16" gap, 6 3/16" all around


1 3/8" wide

Bracelet Sizing

Coral Sunflower Bracelet

Measure your wrist with a soft tape measure. Run it around the wrist, not too tightly or too loosely, just in front of the wrist bone. That is the measurement that we use for each bracelet on our website.

THE “CUFF” MEASUREMENT INCLUDES THE TOTAL CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE BRACELET, INCLUDING THE GAP. The width denotes the widest part of the cuff, itself. If your wrist size is substantially greater than the bracelet’s, it will be too small.

Some bracelets may be adjusted slightly, case by case. Bracelets with inlaid stones around the entire surface cannot be sized. For any doubts, please contact us with your wrist size and information about the bracelet(s) and we can check the compatibility.