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Coral Needlepoint Earrings


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A young Zuni jeweler who continues the tradition of fine needlepoint work; a Zuni signature style. As these lovely earrings demonstrate, his is a master of the exacting technique.Natural, flaming red coral has been meticulously cut into rounded slivers, tapered at each end – just like a stitch of needle work. The sterling background has been darkened with acid, to showcase the beautiful coral and the gleaming accents of polished silver. Each piece of coral is individually set into a hand cut silver bezel. The center stone is surrounded by a silver rope bezel, and a sparkling dome of silver separates each “stitch” of coral. The form of the whole piece is oval, which creates a wonderful harmony with the repeated oval forms.These are masterfully executed earrings with the highest quality materials; if the artist were older and more established, they would be at least twice the price, and rightly so. Take advantage of youth and get yourself a bargain, with these beauties.

Sterling Silver, Natural Red Coral

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