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Coral Necklace with Butterflies


6 strands of natural red coral, with six cuttlebone-cast sterling butterflies attached, including at the clasp.

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Althea Cajero’s parents are jewelers, but her stunning debut into this art was influenced and encouraged by her husband, super-star sculptor Joe Cajero, Jr. Within the blink of an eye, this lovely lady’s equally lovely jewelry has attracted a multitude of awards and happy collectors. Her work is as feminine and attractive as she herself is.

Five sterling silver butterflies fly through six strands of beautifully polished, natural, red coral; a sixth butterfly rests gently on the clasp, so there is beauty in all directions. The butterflies are cast in natural cuttlebone, as are the the hand-made cones, which give them a decorative texture that varies, and contrasts with the satin smoothness of the coral.  A few, tiny, natural opal beads are interspersed throughout the coral adding fancy to this already enchanting piece.

Design, materials, execution, wearability and appeal – all first-rate and exceedingly beautiful – just like its celebrated maker.

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Coral, Opal, Sterling Silver