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Coral-Hued Shell Choker


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Kewa Pueblo (formerly Santo Domingo) has been known for cutting stones into disks (heishi) for centuries; Kenneth Aguilar has been known for his dramatic heishi necklaces for decades.

A master of the mix, he often uses materials in dazzling color combinations, as here.

Like a flower garden in Spring, the necklace is a sun-kissed mix of rounded disks of spiny oyster shell in various shades of coral, pink, purple, and red.

Mixed in with these, are accents of green and dark teal turquoise, as well as mother of pearl in white and yellow shades.

The result is bright, lively, and beautiful -and insanely wearable since it will go with any and all colors.

Perfect for travel, or just to wear every day, this is a bouquet of happy colors that will never wilt.

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Multi-Colored Spiny Oyster Shell, Mother of Pearl, Stabilized Green Turquoise


17" L