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Coral-Hued Oval Hoops

Amber Carrillo


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This gifted jeweler brings a colorful, lyrical style to her art. She devotes most of her time to family and community, so her output is extremely limited. We are, therefore, delighted to get a new piece – especially as slinky and lovely as these hoops.


Sterling silver is formed into a gracefully oval teardrop of gleaming silver. The silver is boxed, and the front is inlayed in a sleek row of natural spiny oyster shell, in a lovely array of varied hues, ranging from orange to red. Silky to the touch, the meticulous inlay work seems to glow with the sun-kissed warmth of the coral colored pieces of shell.


These beautifully tapered shapes are more interesting that circular hoops; elegant, and kind of sexy – in a ladylike way. Unusual in form, understated but luscious in color, expertly hand-fabricated, and intriguingly noticeable, these hoops are for those who know how to make a sophisticated statement – even when wearing a tee or pullover.


PS There is also a pair of turquoise hoops – same style, same jeweler, on our website.


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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


2 5/8" long x 1 1/8" wide x 1/8" thick

Earring Sizing

Earrings are measured by length and width. The measurements for french hooks (dangles) are taken from the spot the hook hangs down from your ear, and the measurements for posts and clip-ons are taken from the earring top to bottom. The width is taken from the widest part of the earring.