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Coral Heishi and Gold Necklace


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Leo unassumingly produces some of the cleanest, most intricate work, with some of the finest stones, in a style all his own. Each piece is unfailingly elegant, and stands up to anything produced by fine jewelry designers – except his work is entirely hand made. Exquisite workmanship, first-rate stones, and refined designs; the work of Leo Yazzie is happily collected – and looks at home – all over the world.

Here, dark red, natural coral combines with accents of top-quality, natural turquoise, Australian opal, and gold, to stunning effect. Where is the turquoise and opal? Look at the sides of the shapely, svelte pendant – the stones are inlaid between the solid gold front and the sterling back. With the prices of gold and silver so high, the artist has mitigated the cost by backing the pendant in sterling silver.

The quality of the stones matches his extraordinary skill: the natural turquoise is rich in color, with interesting matrix patterns, the bits of opal flash with iridescence. The lush red coral is equally luxurious and all the workmanship is flawless. In the materials, the artist has symbolized the red earth, the blue sky and the glittering stars of the Navajo lands.The combination of elongated, curved lines and straight lines creates a gracefully harmonious tension.

Leo’s legendary perfectionism and artistry have fashioned a necklace fit for a queen, in regal colors, that is flattering, refined, elegant, understated and flirtatious, all at once. Wear it to work, wear it to meet royalty; it will look appropriate wherever you go. The compliments will rain down, now and for generations.

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14k Gold, and Opal, Natural Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


25" long, Pendant is 3 1/2" long x 1" wide