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Coral Dragonfly Pin/Pendant


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Darting and fluttering over waterways, dragonflies are lovely symbols of good luck for desert dwellers: water is essential for life.

This version of this well-known and well-loved artist’s signature subject is exquisitely hand wrought and colorful.

A complete work of art, from the decorative silver applique on the hand stamped wings, to the elegant, naturalistic, tapered and segmented body, to the vibrant, natural red coral.

Beautifully executed, by hand, of course, this pin is particularly graceful – notice how the wings are handsomely proportioned, tapered and slightly curved.

This dragonfly will perch happily on any surface you pin it to, or will dangle prettily from its shepherd’s hook on beads, heishi or a chain.


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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


3" wide x 2 1/4" long