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Coral-Bordered Round Posts


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Cordell is a son of Anthony Lovato, and grandson of Mary Lovato. Known for his tufa cast work, he is not yet 30-years-old.

An alluring combination of rough and smooth textures, irregular and uniform shapes and light and dark hues, these circular earrings are out of the ordinary, yet timeless.

Rough textured , tufa cast silver forms the base, with a barely uneven edge. A row of natural, red coral beads follows the form, making a circle, within the circular silver shape. The naturally organic shapes of the coral pieces emphasize the slight, hand-made asymmetry of the silver round.

A thin, raised edge of silver borders the coral, defining the center of the earring.  A smooth, snowy dome of  mother of pearl sits in the very center, surrounded by another polished silver rim.

Red coral, white mother of pearl, and grey silver make a classic color palette. The size and shape of these earrings is also classic, even though the actual design is handsomely unique.

Wear these at work, or at play; these earrings are discreet enough to go anywhere, but creative and colorful enough to stand out – beautifully.


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Mother of Pearl, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


7/8" diameter