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Coral and Turquoise Retro Bracelet


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Another of the many, gifted Eustace siblings, who learned excellent jewelry-making from their late parents, Ben and Felicita Eustace.

Nelson here reprises the style his parents made famous in the 1970’s: a finely carved turquoise leaf and a gorgeous piece of natural red coral, joined by a beautifully detailed silver feather.

This is centered on a simple, double bar of sterling silver, the better to show off the graceful design.

The workmanship is assured, and without a flaw; the centerpiece radiates beauty, with its splendid coral, radiant, natural turquoise, and intricately fabricated silver feather.

A beautiful echo of the past, in a dainty bracelet, lovingly hand made in honor of his parents.

Enjoy the Eustace family’s lovely signature style, with premium materials, in a wallet-friendly bracelet.

Sadly, Nelson passed away a few years ago, so this bracelet truly is a find!

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Natural Red Branch Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/4"


1 1/4" W