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Coppery Horse to Hang


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Here is a handsome horse that can be stabled anywhere, no matter how tight your quarters.

He is very well-behaved, never makes noise, is totally potty trained, and requires only admiration for maintenance.

Best of all, he is exceptionally good-looking, creative, well-made, and a real conversation piece on your wall, made by a noted artist.

Beautifully painted canvas forms his well-filled body, with a buckskin mane and natural feathers to complete his striking look.

The saddle blanket is decorated with two crosses, a Navajo symbol for the four corners of the world, where all blessings are meant to extend.

The legs are painted with a series of pointed designs, which might represent the mountains that traditionally form the boundaries of Navajo land.

Metallic and matte paints are expertly combined to create a richly earthy palette of colors: Copper, silver, deep red, turquoise, with accents of blue, black, orange and white.

The colors are both mixed, to form darker shades, or left glittering, as they come. Flashes of orange, and the off-white buckskin of the mane light up the more subtle, somber shades.

Feathers, the lustrous thread that binds them, and the leather strips of the mane, add a variety of texture to the painted canvas.

This soft sculpture horse is expertly formed and painted with precision and artistry.

He will be a splendid addition to your home.

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Acrylic Paint, Buckskin, Canvas, Natural Feathers


11 1/4" H x 14 1/8" L