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A stunning contemporary pendant that is very traditional. The jeweler is related to other Zuni artists, but her style is very personal and unusual.A hand hammered silver spiral centers the pendant, slightly squared off, to conform to the shape of the piece. This ancient symbol is variously called the path of life, the river of life, or migration (through life). This is a particularly handsome depiction, with a little oval curl at the center, and the inlaid coral round that overhangs the edge. It is placed atop a smooth background of yellow mother of pearl, that the artist says signifies Corn Mother. Its marbleized luminosity is a lovely foil for the lightly textured silver spiral.Inlaid along the left side of the mother of pearl background are narrow slivers of turquoise, coral, and white and yellow mother of pearl. These represent the four directions of the world. The message is that the blessings of water, which gives life, and corn, which sustains life, extend to all the world. The entire center of the pendant is set above a backing of sterling silver that is heavily textured, beautifully partnering with the shimmery mother of pearl. A super-sturdy double shepherd’s hook attaches the pendant to whatever you choose. A wonderfully creative marriage of old – in message – and new – in interpretation; both absolutely beautiful.

Sterling Silver, Natural Mother of Pearl & Coral, Turquoise

Width: 2″ Height: 1 3/4″