Contemporary “Waffle” Dangles


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With its witty juxtaposition of sober, rectangles and free-form silver dangles with a waffle pattern, we would guess these delightful earrings were made by Dylan Poblano.

However, there is not a single identification mark, so we are forced to call it by an unknown artist. (But we still suspect it may be Dylan.)

The tops are elegantly elongated rectangles of darkest green jade, encased in plain silver.

The dangles are like the fun-loving siblings of the proper tops: free-form silver, in shape; asymmetrical in their raised linear patterns, and happy to dance as you do.

The combination is unusual and amusing, a real example of yin/yang; fun to wear, but strictly serious in fine fabrication and materials.

The jade is such a dark green that it will go with just about every color, so you can wear these flattering dangles as much as you like – and you will like the complimentary attention they attract.

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Natural Jade, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 7/8" W