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Contemporary Turquoise Shield Ring


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Devoted to contemporary jewelry designs, this award-winning son of famed jeweler Jake Livingston has created a truly personal design in this ring. The stone is set is a shield-shaped, polished silver setting that echoes the form of the beautiful turquoise. The shank is wider at the front, tapering to the back, and adorned all around with glistening little domes of polished silver. These contrast with the slight texture and darkened finish of the shank. A tapered “comet’s tail” of shiny silver flanks the center. A beautiful stone, in a setting that harmonizes with it, and a wonderful combination of opposite elements: polished and textured, angular and rounded, it all fits together beautifully. Expertly fashioned by hand, of course, with a lovely, misty-patterned turquoise, this is definitely an uptown ring for a downtown budget.

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Sterling Silver, Turquoise

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Face Size: 1 1/8"


Face Size: 7/8"