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Contemporary Turquoise Cuff


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A marvelous interpretation of tradition by this gifted member of the amazingly talented Eustace family.

The base is a classic, two-bar silver form, and the natural Manassa turquoise is centered, surrounded by silver work.

Bracelets have been done this way for nigh on a hundred years, or more the silver work style is the artist’s own.

The silver surrounding the pale green, almost-oval stone is irregular in form and heavily textured with blobs of silver, so it looks like the rock where the turquoise may have been found.

Two smaller silver ovals, in the same nuggety texture, flank the center.

The silver was first rolled over something roughly textured, so the back has a compatibly uneven, but polished, surface.

The raised silver droplets were dripped down when molten, to form an irregular, rough-hewn pattern.

The large natural turquoise stone, by lovely contrast, is smoothly polished, of a serene, light green, with touches of cinnamon-hued matrix.

One of the famous stones from Colorado, Manassa turquoise is found in that toasty  brown rock, and is difficult to extract.

Moreover, almost all the Colorado mines are not in operation at this time, so it is particularly coveted.

The organic form of the stone blends well with the irregular shape of the silver that surrounds it.

Expertly fabricated by hand, as are all her pieces, this eye-catching bracelet demonstrates the artist’s interest in joining the traditional to new ways of interpreting it.

And she does it with outstanding verve, style, and unusual beauty.


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Natural Manassa Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

7 1/8"


2" W in front