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Contemporary Teardrop Pendant


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Don Dewa learned inlay techniques from his mother-in-law, Loretta Quam Eriacho, and has since blossomed into a first-rate, award-winning jeweler. He creates highly respected and avidly collected pieces of meticulous inlay, with transitional designs that are both traditional and modern. This charming pendant is shaped like a teardrop, formed of a variety of colorful and luminous stones and shells. These inlaid stones embrace a little Sunface, also inlaid with the traditional red coral, turquoise, white mother of pearl, and jet.

Intricately cut and set, the various natural stones are separated by sparkling silver channels: Tapered turquoise at the top is fanned, like a spray of feathers or rays of the sun, while white and pink mother of pearl and the red coral are set off from each other by accents of jet. These striking, but soft, colors are surrounded by a silver frame that follows the teardrop form, but is cut and chiseled at intervals. The effect is of an updated victorian locket, very sweet and ladylike, but with a bit more assertiveness.

The Sunface is reversible – a Don Dewa specialty. Just give it a spin, and a dome of inlaid turquoise, jet and coral stripes appears, giving the pendant a much different allure. Now the design is modern and non-objective, with the inlaid stripes in the dome repeated in the diagonal inlay in the bail itself. Two looks in one piece, and you have the fun of twirling the Sunface, too!

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Coral, Jet, Mother of Pearl, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 1/4" long x 1 1/8" wide