Contemporary Tapered Dangles


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These boldly beautiful – and very wearable – earrings are a refined statement piece.

Simple, slinky, stylish and versatile, they will make any t-shirt, or red carpet gown, sizzle. Simple, but fastidiously made, by hand of course.

Elegantly proportioned, long, narrow ovals of silver are textured on both sides.

That contrasts beautifully with the polished areas in the gracefully twisted center ribbons, so there are flashes of gleam when your head turns.

This award-winning jeweler keeps delighting us with his creative variations on a minimalist theme. His work is contemporary, but always with some reference to Navajo traditions.

In this case, the shape suggests raindrops, and the texture glistens as if wet.  The curvy dangle inside, symbolizes a flowing river.

Rain, and water, are great good fortune in the high desert of Navajo lands.

With these sophisticated, flattering earrings you will look fabulous, and  surely attract good fortune, too.


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3" L X 3/4" W


Sterling Silver